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William F. Martin
Founder and Chairman

William F. Martin is an energy economist who has served as Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Energy under President Reagan.

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Lea Booth
Energy Analyst

Lea Booth is responsible for energy analysis, program management, and the Santa Fe Leadership Program. He joined WPA in 2023.

Masaki Yokota

Masaki Yokota is an analyst with over 15 years experience in the nuclear industry in Japan. He strengthens the WPA team by providing technical expertise and an understanding of public acceptance of nuclear power.

Charles Heck

Charles Heck is a former Trilateral Commission staffer and Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations. Mr. Heck brings a wealth of experience in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region to his analysis and counsel.

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Joseph Perkowski

Dr. Perkowski formerly worked at the Bechtel Corporation and as a scientist at four US national laboratories. He has expertise in: Energy Security, Energy Technology, Climate Models and Dynamics.

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