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Dr. Joseph Perkowski

Dr. Joseph C. Perkowski has worked on the engineering and management aspects of large-scale technology systems for various business sectors during his entire professional career. He received his Ph.D. from MIT in Civil Engineering in 1977 with the specialty of Environmental Systems Management, focused on advanced energy and environmental systems.


While on staff of Petro-Canada during the tenure of its first Chairman, Maurice Strong (previously Secretary-General of the 1972 U.N. Stockholm Environment Conference and subsequently Chairman of the 1992 U.N. Rio Environment Conference), Dr. Perkowski was involved in projects ranging from offshore oil and gas systems development to Arctic wildlife survey data collection.


He had the position of Vice-President of Design and Construction for a large commercial office building development corporation, and then subsequently (at the Bechtel Corporation) Manager of Advanced Civil Systems R&D, where he supervised work on high-speed magnetic rail levitation systems design and prototype automated highway deployments. He was also Manager of Energy Initiatives at the Idaho National Laboratory, involved in assessments of alternate energy systems including nuclear, fossil, and renewable alternatives.

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